Source code

The Amdatu source repositories are hosted here:

Mailing lists

To get in touch, please use and subscribe to the mailing lists. Amdatu has three different mailing lists:

Users; For everybody that uses Amdatu components. Here you can ask questions about these components, how to use them, etc. Please note that we also provide a mailing list archive, issue tracker, documentation and FAQ that might help you get an answer.

Dev; For everybody that is or wants to be involved in developing new or existing Amdatu components.

Commits; Where all commits, issues and build logs are posted. If you want to keep track of what happens in Amdatu, you should subscribe to this list. We are always thankful for an extra pair of eyes that review code changes.


The wiki provides additional information, design documentation and in general is a great place to collaborate on designs and documents that are in progress.

Issue tracker

The issue tracker holds bugs and feature requests for all the components in Amdatu. It is also a great place to look for smaller and bigger things to work on and contribute.